Vision & Aims

St Stephen’s Church of England Multi Academy Trust is a newly formed trust which developed from the desire and passion that has been nurtured and established at St Stephen’s Church of England Primary School.


It is our mission to ensure that every child who attends a school within our MAT:

  • has the opportunity to grow and reach their full potential in a supportive environment;

  • has access to provision with excellent standards and outstanding progress that permeates across the school;

  • accesses an inspiring, broad and balanced curriculum that is tailored to meet their needs;

  • is able to celebrate and develop their talents;

  • sees learning as being fun, real and engaging;

  • works in harmony with the community;

  • is valued in God’s eye and as a unique individual;

  • develops lifelong friendships, perseveres, is respectful, compassionate, tolerant and trusting.


It is our mission to ensure that every member of staff within our MAT:

  • is a valued member of the team, where their successes are celebrated and their aspirations are nurtured;

  • accesses high quality professional development tailored to their individual needs and professional aspirations;

  • learns from each other and shares outstanding practice to support our pupils on their journey with us.

Our Trust is built on the underpinning promise that,

‘We will not make excuses, we will not make false promises, but we will insist that all children have the same life chances and opportunities.’

There is no such thing as failure within our Trust, only exciting, new learning opportunities which we can build on to enable our pupils to become well rounded, resilient individuals who are well prepared for the next stage of their education.